Brewing sake is a wonderful and unique craft in the world of alcoholic beverages. But compared to wine, beer, or spirits there is still very little available information outside of Japan and the Japanese language. This makes for a very high barrier to entry in almost every aspect: access to technical information, sourcing materials, connecting with peers, sharing knowledge.

Our mission is to provide the most complete resource for commercial sake brewing.

This site began as forums to help with connecting and communication, and recently the wiki was created to collect and share technical information. The primary function of the other pages here is to help with sourcing all of the materials needed to brew sake. Additionally you will find a collection of the best known books and resources for everything needed to start a sake brewery. This includes starting and running a business as well as understanding the business of your customers (restaurants, retailers, distributors) and suppliers (growers, manufacturers). Sake is part of the food and beverage industry. Learn the industry!



Sake Breweries Around the World

Here is a growing map of all known sake breweries outside of Japan. Don’t see your brewery? Let us know!