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Akita Konno (Japan)

Since establishment of our company, we have had a lot of industry-university and industry-academic-government joint reseaches and developments. In those, there are white Koji fungi as stated above, non-dark and non-black pigment Koji fungi , leucine acid high productive Koji fungi (received Tohoku Invention Recognition Invention Exhortation award 1990 fisical year), anti-fungi material "Asperatine". The Institute of Biotechnology Applied to Eumycetes was established by investiment of the Biologic Specific Industry Investigation Promoting Government Organization 1994 and we are making rapid progress as general microbe starter maker.


Higuchi Moyashi (Japan)

“Principal Clients: Over 85% of Japanese sake, miso and soy sauce manufacturers. Most leading shochu manufacturers.

Business: Koji starters of all kinds used in the production of sake, miso, soy sauce shochu and mirin. Marketing of enzyme preparations for brewing, including products from Amano Enzyme Co. Ltd., Daiwa Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd. and HBI Co. Ltd.”